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New Product Idea Submission
This site is designed to make it easy for visionaries, researchers and idea people like you to submit your new product ideas for a quick review. We are looking for products and ideas we can take to market, and if we end up using your idea there could be big benefits for you. The company may work with you on your product in a variety of ways including as a joint venture, paying a royalty, a finder’s  fee, other options you may have, or by using your ingredients or services to produce the end product.
At Sierra Research we develop and market world-class products. We have a history of bringing winning products to the marketplace. With billions of dollars of sales of dietary supplements, cosmetics and food products, our track record speaks for itself. We are constantly seeking new ideas, concepts and products from around the globe.
Please provide us with as much detail as possible so we can properly evaluate your idea (and so we don’t miss out on what might be a great opportunity!).Once you submit your idea, we will respond within five business days to give you our initial feedback indicating if we have enough interest to pursue your concept further. Additionally you can contact us at

Note/Disclaimer - For best results avoid using mobile devices  for your submissions. Thank you.